Tips for helping your child learn to read:




Work on comprehension skills by asking questions after reading with your child.  These questions can also be used after watching a movie or TV show.  A child must be able to retell a story in order to be reading. 



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Knowing how to help your child with unknown words can be tricky.


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 Reading lists compiled by the Wake County Public Library.



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A great help in learning to read is a solid knowledge of high frequency words.  True mastery of these words is when your child can read and spell them from memory.

The list of words that we have studied as a class is on the home page.  I have also included a list of all 200 high frequency words.  There is no one definite order to teach these words.  We use words that are encountered in our reading and writing.

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For more ideas in helping your child learn to read check out the following websites.


Get Ready to Read
Resources for building early-literacy skills, including some learning games from the National Center for Learning Disabilities

Helping Your Child Become a Reader
Online book about building literacy skills in children from birth through age 6 from the U.S. Department of Education

Helping Your Child Learn to Read

Great suggestions on helping your child learn to read at home.


Strategies to Teach Your Child Reading

An interesting pamphlet helping parents teach their child to read.



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